How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram.


How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram


How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

If you have ever wondered how to verify on Instagram, then you have come to the right place!

There is always a great deal of mystery around Instagram’s verification process … Is the number of followers important to you?

Is it difficult to verify businesses on Instagram?

What factor does the verifier verify when deciding which factor really cares about it?
Fortunately for you, Instagram has recently clarified the verification process, in which the ability of users to directly apply for verification within the Instagram app is included!

Of course, there is no hope that people who meet the strict Instagram requirements are approved.
Feel that you can cut? Here’s everything to learn about how to verify on Instagram:


You can submit a request to be verified on Instagram from the app directly.
To request a verified badge, first make sure that you are logged into the account for which you are requesting a badge.

After this, open your profile and tap the three-row button in the upper-right corner of the screen. This sidebar menu will open where you can access your Instagram settings.


Instagram Verification


Once you are inside your Instagram settings, scroll down and tap the Request Verification option.


Instagram Verification


Enter your full name, surname, category, and then attach a form of identification (this should be a government issued ID).


Instagram Verification

Once you do this, just tap Send!

Instagram needs to be verified

Instagram’s requirements are quite difficult to verify, as you can imagine.

First of all, according to Instagram, you should be a public figure, celebrity, or brand.

In addition, you need to meet the following account and qualification requirements, including Instagram Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Here’s a section of Instagram’s requirements for applying for the verified badge:

 1: Authentic

The first criterion is authenticity. Basically, this means that your account should represent the real person, registered business or entity.

How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

2: Unique

According to Instagram, at the top of being authentic, your account should have a unique presence of that person or business that reflects.
Basically, this means that if your business has multiple accounts on Instagram, then only one can be verified.

However, obviously, Instagram makes exceptions for language-specific accounts,

But a verified-account-per-business rule does not always apply.

Instagram also states that they do not give verified badges in general interest accounts


3: Complete

Your account also needs to be completed, because it should be public, an Instagram bio, profile photo, and at least one post.
Instagram also states that your profile may not include links to other social media accounts “Add me”.


4: Remarkable

Finally, your account should be remarkable According to Instagram, this means that your account should represent a famous, highly searched person, brand or entity.

This is probably the most difficult criteria to meet because it is a very difficult thing to measure “notability”.
Instagram provides some guidance at this point, stating that they seek “accounts shown in many news sources” and they do not consider payment or promotional material.

But then, they do not offer any advice that can be considered remarkable for anyone.

This is the biggest problem with the verification process of Instagram (and one of the reasons why the Blue-verified badge is such a reputable one): It is difficult!

There are still plenty of secrets about how Instagram chooses which account should be verified. And when it comes to things like “well-known” or “highly searched”, there is a lot of space for interpretation.

But what if you are already verified on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter?

To make it short, Instagram does not care.

They actually deal with this question in their help center, write that only Instagram accounts that “there is a high likelihood of being cloned” will get the verified badge.

This is not always the case at all, but while applying to be verified on Instagram it is definitely something to consider.

What happens after applying to verify on Instagram?
According to Instagram, after reviewing your request, you will receive a notification in which you will know whether your account has been verified or not.

If your request has been rejected, you will have to go 30 days before submitting a new request. If your request has been given, you have verified that the badge should immediately appear on your account.

Keep in mind that if you provide false or misleading information during the verification process, Instagram will delete your verified badge and take additional action to delete your account.

And all! Beyond its uniqueness, being verified on Instagram is a great way to build trust and credibility because it shows that you are making a real deal.

This is the reason that if you feel that you meet the requirements then you must definitely apply to be verified on Instagram. And even if you are not sure that you cut, there is no harm in passing your fingers and trying it!





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